Index of posters and demos from the CIBM Annual Symposium 2022

You can download the different posters and demo posters presented at the CIBM Annual Symposium 2022.


Consistent functional connectivity pattern associated with Alzheimer’s disease genetic risk factor APOE4
Aida B. Fall, MG Preti, M Eshmawey, S M Kagerer, D Van De Ville, P G. Unschuld

Transportable Hyperpolarization: bridging the gap with PET
Andrea Capozzi.

ItsAllAboutMotion: Functional organization of the multisensory motion system
Anna Gaglianese, G Calafatello, M Barilari, B Franceschiello, C Retsa, L Xin, O Collignon, MM Murray

Exploring ECCENTRIC sampling variants for accelerated high-resolution MRSI
Antoine Klauser, B Strasser, W Bogner, F Lazeyras, O C. Andronesi

3D-CINE reconstruction of 3D-radial free-running acquisition with deformation-field informed regularization
Bastien Milani, C Roy, J B Ledoux, D C. Rotzinger, S Si-mohamed, A Masi, Yerly, T Rutz, M Prsa, J Schwitter, M Stuber

Application of MP-PCA & LR-TGV Noise reduction technique on pre-clinical 1H-MRSI datasets
Brayan Alves1,2, Dunja Simicic1,2,3, Jessie Mosso1,2,3, I.O. Jelescu4, A. Klauser1,5,, C Cudalbu1,2

A virtual classroom to help children with attention deficit to regulate their attention
Carole Guedj, R Tyrand, E Badier, R Hà-Vinh Leuchter, F Grouiller

Tau pathology and brain metabolism impact cognition in a memory clinic cohort
Cecilia Boccalini, F Ribaldi, I Hristovska, A Arnone,D Elisa Peretti, M Scheffler, D Perani, G B Frisoni, V Garibotto

Opto-fMRI of the Locus Coeruleus and Neuro- X Laboratory of Functional Neuroimaging
Christina Grimm and Valerio Zerbi

In-vivo imaging of the human thalamus with multimodal 7T MRI
Cristina Sainz Martinez, J P. Marques, M Bach Cuadra, J Jorge

Anisotropic stiffness of freshly excised ex vivo swine heart estimated via MR elastography and transversely isotropic nonlinear inversion
Cyril Tous

Effects of musical interventions on brain and behavior in healthy elderly people: Train the Brain with Music project (2018-2022)
Damien Marie, C A.H. Müller, K Jünemann, F WorschechVan De Ville, E Altenmüller, T H.C. Krüger, C Sinke, M Kliegel, C E. James

Association of apolipoprotein E E4 with Tau and amyloid-β PET in a memory clinic cohort
Débora Elisa Peretti , F Ribaldi, S Stampacchia, S Tomczyk, J-L Bloin, C Wyss-Dominguez, M Abramowicz, G B Frisoni, V Garibotto

Variability and reproducibility in multi-echo T2 relaxometry: insights from multi-site, multi-session and multi-subject MRI acquisitions
Elda Fischi-Gomez, G Girard, PJ Koch, T Yu, M Pizzolato, J Brügger, GF Piredda, T Hilbert, AG Cadic-Melchior, E Beanato, C-H Park, T Morishita, MJ Wessel, S Schiavi, A Daducci, T Kober, EJ Canales-Rodríguez, FC Hummel, JP Thiran.

Understanding the Neural Basis of Emotion Using Film fMRI
Elenor Morgenroth, Laura Vilaclara, Patrik Vuilleumier, Dimitri Van De Ville

A novel free-running framework for Blood Oxygen Level Dependent functional MRI
Eleonora Fornari, B Franceschiello, S Rumac, T Hilbert, M Nau, M Dziadosz, G Degano, C W. Roy, A Gaglianese, G Petri, J Yerly, M Stuber, T Kober, R B van Heeswijk, M. Murray

Different views on cerebral glycolysis by comparing hyperpolarized glucose and deuterated glucose MRS
Emmanuelle E Flatt, B Lanz, R Gruetter,M Mishkovsky

Towards quantitative functional brain mapping: the spatial accuracy of Arterial Spin Labelling
Giannina Rita Iannotti, I Nadin, V Ivanova, Q Tourdot, AM Lascano, S Momjian, KL Schaller, KO Lovblad, F Grouiller

Fetal diffusion MRI enhancement in early brain development
Hamza Kebiri, E J Canales-Rodriguez , Y Aleman-Gomez , G Girard, H Lajous, P de Dumast, A Taymourtash, M Koob, G Langs, A Jakab, D Karimi, A Gholipour, M Bach Cuadra

Synthetic magnetic resonance images to support quantitative fetal brain analysis
Hélène Lajous, P de Dumast, A le Boeuf Fló, T Sanchez, H Kebiri , M Díaz-Cacho Dafonte , V Dunet , M Koob , M Bach Cuadra

Blind Source Separation Improves the Precision and Robustness of Self-Gated Motion Extraction in Free-Running 4D Whole-Heart MRI
Isabel Montón Quesada, A C Ogier, JYerly, J Richiardi, C W Roy, J Schwitter, M Stuber, R B van Heeswijk

A-Eye: Artificial Intelligence Large-Scale MRI Model of the Eye
Jaime Barranco, M Bach Cuadra, B Franceschiello

3D Radial Self-Navigated Cardiac T1 Rho Mapping
Jana Huiyue Zhang, A Bustin, M Stuber, G Bonnano, D Piccini, R B van Heeswijk, A C Ogier, J Yerly

PET CMRglc mapping and 1H MRS show altered glucose uptake and neurometabolic profiles in a rat model of type C hepatic encephalopathy
Jessie Mosso, T Yin, C Poitry-Yamate, D Simicic, M Lepore, V A. McLin, O Braissant, C Cudalbu, B Lanz

BigBrain-MR: a new digital phantom at 100-µm resolution for MR methods development
João Jorge, C Sainz Martinez, M Bach Cuadra, J Jorge

Towards a high-density packing white matter substrate generator for Monte-Carlo simulations
Juan Luis Villarreal, R Gardiera, E J Canales-Rodríguez, G Girard, JP Thiran, J Rafael-Patino

Central Nervous System Oxidative Stress interplay with inflammation in a rat model of Type C Hepatic Encephalopathy – brothers in arms?
Katarzyna Pierzchala, D. Simicic, A. Sienkiewicz, D. Sessa, S. Mitrea, O. Braissan, V. McLin, C. Cudalbu

Sex-effect in the treatment response to low-dose radiation therapy for Alzheimer’s disease
Kelly Ceyzériat, E Jaques, T Zilli, BB Tournier, V Garibotto

Similarity-driven motion-resolved reconstruction for ferumoxytol-enhanced whole-heart MRI of congenital heart disease patients
Ludovica Romanin, B Milani, C W. Roy, A Bustin, S Si-Mohamed, M Prsa, T Rutz, E Tenisch, J Schwitter, M Stuber, D Piccini

Hippocampal structural and functional markers of Bipolar Disorder: Methods and preliminary results
Luigi F Saccaro, J Gaviria, D Van De Ville, C Piguet

Brain signatures: the relationship between brain function and structure is unique to individuals and tasks
Maria Giulia Preti, A Griffa, E Amico, R Liégeois, D Van De Ville

Connecting Free-running 3D anatomical and flow MRI using Synchronization of Neighboring Acquisitions by Physiological Signals (SyNAPS)
Mariana Falcão, A Mackowiak, S Rumac, M Bacher, G Rossi, M Prša, E Tenisch, T Rutz, J Bastiaansen, R Van Heeswijk, P Speier, M Markl, M Stuber, C W. Roy.

Differences in BOLD MRI signal intensity between hypertensive patients and healthy volunteers
Mariëlle Hendriks-Balk, S. Da Costa, E. Polychronopoulou, A. Damianaki, K. Theiler, D. van de Ville, P. Hagmann, G. Wuerzner

Super-fast assay of creatine kinase using 31P-MT-MR fingerprinting at 7T in the human brain
Mark Widmaier, S-I Lim, D Wenz, L Xin

MSxplain: Toward Reliable Deep Learning for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Multiple Sclerosis
Nataliia Molchanova, N Molchanova, F Spagnolo, M Graziani, P Gordaliza, C Granziera, H Müller, A Depeursinge, M Bach Cuadra

Preventing degradation and accumulation of Heparan Sulfate fragments in a murine model of Sanfilippo syndrome (MPSIIIA)
Noemi Veraldi, LM Modernell, Yvan de Looij, A Toulotte, EF Sanches, A de Agostini, SV Sizonenko

PET/SPECT/MRI/Optical Imaging of the CAM Model as a Theragnostic Platform for Cancer
Olivia Bejuy, J Bussinger, S Germain, A Martinez, F Bois, J Delage, D Viertl, J Prior, V Garibotto, D Colin

Navigator acceptance window width does not affect accuracy and precision in free-breathing 2D radial cardiac MR fingerprinting of the myocardium at 3T
Pauline Calarnou, A C. Ogier, R Hullin, P Meyer, J Richiardi, J Yerly, R B. van Heeswijk

Wideband bright- and black-blood late gadolinium enhancement imaging for patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices
Pauline Gut, H Cochet, F Sacher, P Jaïs, M Stuber, A Bustin

Towards Multiple Sclerosis Assessment through Advanced MRI Biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence
Pedro Macías Gordaliza, M Wynen, J Najm, N Molchanova, F La Rosa, P Maggi, B Macq, C Granziera, M Absinta, M Bach Cuadra

Stability of Image-Reconstruction Algorithms
Pol del Aguila Pla, S Neumayer, M Unser.

Self-Supervised Isotropic Superresolution Fetal Brain MRI
Pol del Aguila Pla, K Lächler, H Lajous, M Unser, M Bach Cuadra

Optimizing the NEXI acquisition protocol for human gray matter microstructure mapping on a clinical MRI scanner using Explainable AI
Quentin Uhl, T Pavan, E Jorge Canales-Rodriguez, I Jelescu

Compartmentalized Model of Permeable Cell Tissue for Microstructure Estimation From DW-MRI Signals
Rémy Gardier, JL Villarreal Haro, E J Canales-Rodríguez, I Jelescu, G Girard, J Rafael-Patino, JP Thiran

Motion-corrected free-running 4D MRI of the fetal heart – from in silico to in vivo
Robin Ferincz; M B.L. Falcão, A Secinaro, G Buonincontri, L Alamo, E Tenisch, M Prsa, D Piccini, J Yerly, M Stuber, C W. Roy

Newborn’s neural representation of instrumental and vocal music as revealed by fMRI: a dynamic effective brain connectivity study
Serafeim Loukas, Manuela Filippa, J Sa de Almeida, C Borradori Tolsa, F Barcos-Munoz, D M. Grandjean, D Van De Ville

Functionalization of Lithium Niobate Nanoparticles with Lanthanide Chelates for Multimodal Imaging Applications
Simon Dumolard, A Gheata, A Spada, M Wittwer, P Llussa, S Kaiser, A Bornet, K Pierzchala, D Diviani, L Bonacina, AS Chauvin, S Gerber-Lemaire.

Development and Application of Hyperpolarized Theranostic Agents for Stroke based on DNP and MRI
Thanh Phong LÊ, L Buscemi, M Lepore, A Capozzi, L Hirt, M Mishkovsky, JN Hyacinthe

Quality control for fetal brain MRI
Thomas Sanchez, M Bach Cuadra

Beyond broadband: Towards a spectral decomposition of EEG microstates
Tomas Ros, V Férat, M Seeber, C M. Michel, T Ros

Weak labels for DL based detection of brain aneurysms from MR angiography scans
Tommaso Di Noto, G Marie, S Tourbier, Y Alemán-Gómez, O Esteban, G Saliou, M Bach Cuadra, P Hagmann, J Richiardi

White matter microstructure alterations in early psychosis and schizophrenia
Tommaso Pavan, Y Aleman-Gomez, R Jenni, M Cleusix, L Alameda, K Do, P Conus, P Klauser, P Hagmann, I Jelescu

Mindfulness-based intervention in preterm young adolescents: Effects on neurobehavioural functioning and association with large-scale brain networks dynamics
Vanessa Siffredi, MC Liverani, N Fernandez, L G A Freitas, V Borradori Tolsa, D Van De Ville, P Susan Hüppi, R Hà-Vinh Leuchter

Bridging Structural MRI with Cognitive Function for Individual Level Classification of Early Psychosis via Deep Learning
Yang Wen

Comparison of polarization enhanced 13C MR spectroscopy with different 1H localized schemes at 7T
Ying Xiao, B Lanz, D Wenz, L Xin

Dose-dependent neuroprotective effects of Bovine Lactoferrin following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia in the immature rat brain
Yohan van de Looij, E Sanches, S Saw, A Toulotte, A Da Dilva, L Modernell, S V Sizonenko

Surface based morphometric abnormalities in patients with early psychosis: an MP2RAGE based study at 7T
ZirunWang, Y AlemánGómez, M Cleusix, R Jenni, L Alameda, P Conus, M Bach Cuadra, P Hagmann, K Q. Do, L Xin

Long-term balance training enhances sensorimotor GABA Levels in older adults: A 7 T longitudinal magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
Xinyu Liu, S Scherrer, S Egger, S Lim, B Lauber, W Taube, L Xin

Effect of circadian rhythm on brain NAD: an MRS study at 7T
Zhiwei Huang, B Cuenoud, M Hartweg, D Wenz, Y Xiao, S-I Lim, MS Widmaier, L Xin


MRI Adventure
Amine Hadjiat, Emmanuel Badier, Bruno Bonet, Christophe Mermoud, Sylvain Delplanque, Céline Gaignot, Laurent Moccozet, Frédéric Grouiller

Multi-channel, dielectrically-enhanced, loop-dipole arrays to increase SNR in anatomic and metabolic imaging of human brain at 7T
Daniel Wenz, Thomas Dardano, Lijing Xin

Cartool EEG Software Analysis: 25 years and counting
Denis Brunet, Christoph Michel

NiPreps: Neuroimaging Preprocessing tools (fMRIPrep et al.)
Oscar Esteban

Victor Férat, Mathieu Scheltienne, Denis Brunet, Tomas Ros, Christoph Michel