CIBM contributes to the local and international scientific research community by providing access and expertise to the researchers and users of infrastructure in the region..

The support provided by CIBM Core Members include: 

  • advice on project feasibility
  • practical training on use of the equipment and safety rules
  • set-up of protocols and experiments
  • data acquisition and analysis
  • data management.

Additional support relating to MRI and PET/CT infrastructure include

  • Set-up of fMRI paradigms (software and hardware)
  • Sequence development
  • Spectroscopy acquisition, analysis and interpretation
  • Supervision and analysis of MR spectroscopy and fMRI for clinical diagnosis or presurgical evaluation
  •  Advice and administration of the regulatory and ethical requirements in accordance to Swiss law on human research and animal experimentation
  • Provision of professional radiographers for clinical trials
  • Provision of veterinarians and animal physiologists for pre-clinical trials
  • Site accreditation including Quality Assurance scans for multicentric studies
  • Supervising and analysing MR spectroscopy and fMRI for clinical diagnosis or presurgical evaluation.

Other resources comprising of software and datasets are also made available to the CIBM Community.

CIBM invites researchers to benefit from using state-of-the-art equipment for experimentation and research.

Please consult the Infrastructure policies and guidelines he