CIBM hosts young aspiring scientists at “Journée Oser tous les Métiers”

Thursday November 14th was the annual “Journée Oser tous les Métiers” (JOM) – a day that aims to introduce students from grades 7 to 9 to a non-cliché profession, without limiting themselves to traditionally female or male sectors. For this … Read More

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Article: Brain regions in humans show behavioral specialization according to how much brain structure determines brain activity

The brain is constituted by an assembly of neuronal populations interconnected by structural pathways. Is it possible to quantify the relationship between this structure and brain functional activity that happens on top of it? Scientist Maria Giulia Preti, affiliated with … Read More

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CIBM 15th Anniversary Event

Wednesday, October 30th marked the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM)’s 15th Anniversary. We are proud to share that our celebration at the Forum Rolex Learning Center on the EPFL campus was a success with over 250 participants. The event brought … Read More

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CIBM renewed its identity

CIBM – GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE FOR AN ESTABLISHED PARTNERSHIP IN BIOMEDICAL IMAGING CIBM’s 15th  year anniversary in October, 2019, marks a true ‘coming of age’ for the CIBM as it matures from a newcomer into an established partnership for biomedical imaging … Read More

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