CIBM Breakfast & Science Seminar 36 – August 29 2023

On 29th August 2023, as part of the 2023 Summer Edition the 36th CIBM Breakfast & Science Seminar chaired by Professor Valentina Garibotto (UNIGE) and Professor Micah Murray (UNIL) hosted two PhD students. cibm-bs36-320230829_094110cibm-bs36-120230829_100632cibm-bs36-220230829_103909 Cecilia Boccalini, University of Geneva, Geneva … Read More

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Visitors Talk : The water signal in 1H-MRS: nuisance or blessing?

Dr. Cristina Cudalbu from the CIBM MRI EPFL AIT section organized  a morning seminar on MR Spectroscopy methods on July 7th at 10 am.  The water signal in 1H-MRS: nuisance or blessing? The water signal dominates the 1H MR spectrum in … Read More

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Visitors Talk : Optimal Dimensionality Sampling and Spatially Localized Analysis on the Sphere for Diffusion MRI Applications

On July 13th, 2023 Prof. Dimitri van de Ville of the CIBM MRI EPFL AIT section hosted a seminar talk on MRI diffusion signal processing methods by Dr. Zubair Khalid.  Slepian functions for capturing the spatially localized information of the … Read More

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