On June 19th 2024, Franck Mauconduit, research engineer from CEA NeuroSpin in Paris, France presented “A journey through MR methodological developments for human brain imaging at 7T, and a jump into the Iseult 11.7T field” at the Campus Biotech in Geneva.


NeuroSpin is a research center dedicated to studying the singularity of the human brain through its anatomy, functions, and pathological conditions. Within a rich ecosystem of researchers, expertise, and a unique platform of MRI systems, the METRIC lab develops advanced methods and hardware dedicated to ultra-high and extreme field MRIs. Our main goal is to unleash the full potential of exploiting our 7T MRI and our unique whole-body 11.7T MRI scanner and provide neuroscientists and clinicians with invaluable data. In my talk, I will step through the recent developments performed at 7T, such as pTx RF coil and pulse designs, acceleration using non-cartesian imaging and applications to anatomical and functional imaging. I will also reveal the first in vivo human brain images acquired at 11.7T and discuss the challenges ahead.


Franck Mauconduit

Research Engineer CEA Neurospin, Paris, France 

Franck obtained his PhD in 2011 at the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience. With five years of experience as a clinical scientist at Siemens Healthineers, he has developed a strong expertise in MR sequence programming, MR image reconstruction, and brain imaging at UHF. Since 2019, he has been a research engineer at CEA NeuroSpin, and today, he is the system manager of the Iseult 11.7T MRI with a central role in fostering the research activity by bridging the gap between MR methodology and applications.


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