EPFL 3rd year BSc Chemistry students visit CIBM MRI EPFL

EPFL Chemistry 3rd Year BSc Students Gain In-Depth Insight into Biomedical Imaging The student visit, which took place on May 17th, was organized as part of the “Advanced NMR & Imaging” course taught by Prof. Lyndon Emsley, from the Institute … Read More

UNIL FBM undergraduate students resume their annual visits to CIBM MRI EPFL

CIBM is happy to be able to resume the on-site visits after a 2-year break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. On May 30, 2022, a group of 40 bachelor’s degree students from UNIL’s Faculty of Biology and Medicine visited the CIBM … Read More

Middle school students discover the field of biomedical imaging at CIBM MRI CHUV-UNIL

On May 18, 2022, a group of a dozen students from Collège de Béthusy in Lausanne visited the CIBM premises at the Radiology Department of the CHUV to discover the field of biomedical imaging and to learn more about the … Read More

EPFL Research Office visits CIBM MRI EPFL Animal Imaging and Technology Section

On May 5, 2022, 20 members of the EPFL Research Office visited the CIBM MRI EPFL Animal Imaging and Technology Section in Lausanne to learn about the research activities and discover the expertise and infrastructure available to the biomedical imaging … Read More

First post-pandemic activities: EPFL graduate students visit CIBM

On Friday, February 25, 2022, a group of 35 master’s degree students from EPFL visited the CIBM MRI EPFL infrastructure and the DNP systems as part of their curriculum to learn about the importance and essential elements of biomedical imaging … Read More

CIBM hosts young aspiring scientists at “Journée Oser tous les Métiers”

Thursday November 14th was the annual “Journée Oser tous les Métiers” (JOM) – a day that aims to introduce students from grades 7 to 9 to a non-cliché profession, without limiting themselves to traditionally female or male sectors. For this … Read More