CIBM is happy to be able to resume the on-site visits after a 2-year break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. On May 30, 2022, a group of 40 bachelor’s degree students from UNIL’s Faculty of Biology and Medicine visited the CIBM MRI EPFL as part of the “Techniques d’investigation fonctionnelle” teaching module. The visits have been carried out annually since 2009. They enjoy popularity among students who find them enormously interesting and engaging.

The annual visits were initiated by Prof. Jean-Yves Chatton, Director of Department of Fundamental Neurosciences and Head of Cellular Imaging Facility (CIF) together with Dr. Florence Morgenthaler, one of CIF’s Technical Managers who is also a CIBM alumni.

The students visited the CIBM as part of their curriculum to learn more about the importance and essential elements of biomedical imaging and spectroscopy, from macro to micro scale (MRI/MRS, PET and microscopy), and get a first-hand look into the center’s daily work After a warm welcome and introduction by Dr. Pina Marziliano, the CIBM Executive Director, the students visited the Center’s infrastructure where they enjoyed a series of insightful presentations and demonstrations delivered by the members of the CIBM MRI EPFL Animal Imaging and Technology Section:

  • Dr. Dunja Simicic, on the 14.1 T MRI
  • Dr. Sandra Da Costa, on the 7T MRI
  • Stefanita Mitrea, on the 14.1T MRI preparation room.
  • Yves Pilloud and Dr. Daniel Wenz, on the RF technology laboratory
  • Dr. Katarzyna Pierzchala, on the neurochemistry laboratory


The presentations and subsequent tour of the lab were highly appreciated by the students who enjoyed the interactive nature of the visit. The CIBM team was also excited to answer so many interesting questions brought forward by the group.

“The CIBM appreciates the commitment and engagement of the members of our founding institutions. We are thrilled to see our former staff and collaborators as ambassadors for future generations,” said Dr. Pina Marziliano.

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