On Friday, February 25, 2022, a group of 35 master’s degree students from EPFL visited the CIBM MRI EPFL infrastructure and the DNP systems as part of their curriculum to learn about the importance and essential elements of biomedical imaging and get familiar with the CIBM activities.

The students who visited the center are currently involved in the Fundamentals of Biomedical Imaging course taught by Prof. Rolf Gruetter, which focuses on illustrating how modern principles of basic science approaches are integrated into the major biomedical imaging modalities of importance to biology and medicine, with an emphasis on those of interest to in vivo applications.

The visit began in the new seminar room with a short introductory video, which presented the history and development of CIBM over its first 15 years of activity, followed by an explanatory tour of the different research infrastructures related to their course. After a short tour of CIBM’s highend  research infrastructure available to the biomedical imaging community in the region,  students listened to insightful presentations on three research topics using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on two scanners: 7 Tesla (7T) and 14 Tesla (14T). The presentations delivered by the course teaching assistants Jessie Mosso, Song-I Lim, Mark Widmaier, and Emma Wiström, as well as, Mario Lepore, a member of the CIBM vet team, generated a lot of interest and insightful questions from the audience.

As Switzerland lifts most COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the CIBM team is excited to be able to resume such activities. We look forward to future student visits.

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