AUTHORS: Klauser A, Strasser B, Bogner W, Hingerl L, Schirda C, Thapa B, Cahill D, Batchelor T, Lazeyras F, Andronesi O

ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting, : , Online, May 2021


A new encoding trajectory for magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging was developed and implemented on a 7T human scanner. ECcentric Circle ENcoding TRajectorIes for Compressed-sensing (ECCENTRIC) is a spatial-spectral encoding strategy optimized for random non-Cartesian sparse Fourier domain sampling. Acceleration by undersampling ECCENTRIC prevents coherent aliasing artefacts in the spatial response function. ECCENTRIC allows smaller circles to avoid temporal interleaving for large matrix size, which is beneficial for spectral quality. Circle trajectories need limited gradient slewrate without rewinding deadtime, and are robust to timing imperfection and eddy-current delays.

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