AUTHORS: Lajous H, Hilbert T, Roy CW, Tourbier S, de Dumast P, Alemán-Gómez Y, Yu T, Hagmann P, Koob M, Dunet V, Kober T, Stuber M, Bach Cuadra M

Proceedings of the 29th ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting, : , Online, May 2021


Accurate characterization of in utero human brain maturation is critical. However, the limited number of exploitable magnetic resonance acquisitions not corrupted by motion in this cohort of sensitive subjects hinders the validation of advanced image processing techniques. Numerical simulations can mitigate these limitations by providing a controlled environment with a known ground truth. We present a flexible framework that simulates magnetic resonance acquisitions of the fetal brain in a realistic setup including stochastic motion. From simulated images comparable to clinical acquisitions, we assess the accuracy and robustness of super-resolution fetal brain magnetic resonance imaging with respect to noise and motion.

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