As part of the ANT Neuro Educational Webinar Series, Professor Micah Muray spoke about “Fundamentals of Topographic EEG Analyses” to an audience of 345  people whose feedback was unanimously postive:

“I really liked the polling questions! Micah’s presentation was very engaging and interesting!”

“Very clear and engaging presentation – Prof Murray is a fantastic presenter. The content is largely available since 2008 and before, but such webinars largely increase our understanding and ability to conduct more data-driven analyses and avoid pitfalls in interpreting brain signals.”

“I appreciated the fact that Dr. Murray delivered the content at a level for those just getting into the field to understand. I really liked how he explained how changing the reference point affected the height of the curves, but did not affect the overall pattern – his explanation together with the slides really convinced me.

Watch it for yourself,  here.

About the webinar

Electroencephalography (EEG) was the first of the non-invasive brain measures. Advances during the past century transformed EEG into a true brain imaging method. In this webinar, an accessible primer on some fundamentals of EEG biophysics, contemporary measurement approaches, and analyses will be provided at the base of the electrical neuroimaging framework. This webinar is intended for both experienced EEG researchers and newcomers alike. We will use the example of event-related potentials (ERPs), although the conceptual issues apply to many varieties of EEG signal analysis. The versatility and accessibility of the technique, in combination with advances in signal processing, allow for this ‘old dog’ to still deliver new tricks and innovations.



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