AUTHORS: Kreis R, Boer V, Choi IY, Cudalbu C, de Graaf RA, Gasparovic C, Heerschap A, Krššák M, Lanz B, Maudsley AA, Meyerspeer M, Near J, Öz G, Posse S, Slotboom J, Terpstra M, Tkáč I, Wilson M, Bogner W

NMR in Biomedicine, : , August 2020


With a 40‐year history of use for in vivo studies, the terminology used to describe the methodology and results of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) has grown substantially and is not consistent in many aspects. Given the platform offered by this special issue on advanced MRS methodology, the authors decided to describe many of the implicated terms, to pinpoint differences in their meanings and to suggest specific uses or definitions. This work covers terms used to describe all aspects of MRS, starting from the description of the MR signal and its theoretical basis to acquisition methods, processing and to quantification procedures, as well as terms involved in describing results, for example, those used with regard to aspects of quality, reproducibility or indications of error. The descriptions of the meanings of such terms emerge from the descriptions of the basic concepts involved in MRS methods and examinations. This paper also includes specific suggestions for future use of terms where multiple conventions have emerged or coexisted in the past.

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