AUTHORS: Baginha da Lança Falcão M, Rossi GMC, Ma L, Heerfordt J, Piccini D, Yerly J, Prša M, Rutz T, Tenisch E, Markl M, Stuber M, Roy CW

ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting, : , Online, May 2021


In this work, a free-running radial whole-heart flow sequence was acquired in five congenital heart disease patients and images were reconstructed using a) a previously developed 5D flow framework for respiratory and cardiac resolved images, and b) a novel framework for respiratory motion corrected and cardiac resolved 4D flow (fNAV). Image and flow differences were measured across a range of acceleration factors. We showed that the free-running acquisition, which is already undersampled, can be even further accelerated with less signal degradation if it is reconstructed withfNAV 4D flow, compared to using 5D flow.

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