Mapping Glucose Metabolism

Section Head: Prof. Rolf Gruetter (EPFL)

CIBM owns an avalanche photodiode (APD) PET scanner situated adjacent to the animal MRI of CIBM-AIT, ideal for investigators wishing to complement their rodent MR studies with PET measurement. All isotopes that can be produced off-site and transported to the CIBM can be measured. Physiology support is assured through the infrastructure of CIBM-AIT, whereas the operation of the APD scanner requires a collaboration with LIFMET.


Disrupted brain glucose metabolism in taking center stage, in the search for an initial trigger of Alzheimer's disease.

Description: A longitudinal study of a rat model of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease based on an intracerebroventricular injection of streptozotocin is being investigated by measuring brain glucose metabolism at four timepoints (2, 6, 13, 21 weeks post-injection) using FDG-PET, as well as changes in brain microstructure and function using diffusion and functional MRI, respectively.

Investigator: Ileana Jelescu (EPFL)

Collaborators: Bernard Lanz (EPFL)

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Investigator: Cristina Cudalbu (EPFL)

Collaborators: Coming soon…