BBL/CIBM/FCBG Research Day 2024

We are delighted to announce the BBL/CIBM/FCBG Research Day 2024 will be held on May 15 in the Marcel-Jenny Auditorium, Geneva University Hospitals.

The CIBM  Center for Biomedical Imaging launched the first annual MRI research day in 2008 with aim of gathering MRI experts from Geneva and the Lemanic region. In 2010, the event included other members of the CIBM community with MRI infrastructure such as  the University of Geneva’s Brain and Behaviour Laboratory (BBL) and in 2018, the  Human Neuroscience Platform at the Foundation Campus Biotech Geneva (FCBG).

The one-day event is an opportunity to review the status of ongoing MRI projects and activities, share experience, difficulties and benefit from a unique exchange platform between physicists, physicians, and neuroscientists.

See highlights from the 2023 edition here:


8h45 Welcome

9h00 Session 1 Chaired by Patrik Vuilleumier
  • Anchoring emotional memories in time and space Alison Montagrin (PI: Sophie Schwartz, UNIGE)
  • Neural networks underlying embodiment and sensory mechanisms in vocal emotion production Garance Selosse (PI: Didier Grandjean, UNIGE)
  • Place-related neural activity sets the stage for empathy Marius Vollberg (PI: David Sander, UNIGE)
  • Psychosocial feedback reactivity and effects of mindfulness during early adolescence Zeynep Knight-Celen (PI: Camille Nemitz-Piguet, HUG)

10h20 Coffee Break

10h40 Session 2 Chaired by Frédéric Grouiller
  • Prostate MRI at 7T : technical challenges & first results Thomas de Perrot (PI: Jean-Paul Vallée, HUG)
  • Functional imaging and FLAIR at 7T: protocol optimisation and clinical application Emilie Sleight (PI: Frédéric Grouiller, HUG ; Dimitri Van De Ville, EPFL, UNIGE )
  • Combining Deep Learning with Traditional Methods for Head Motion Estimation and Hallucination-Free Artifact Correction in Brain MRI Oscar Dabrowski (PI: Sébastien Courvoisier, UNIGE ; François Lazeyras, HUG)
  • Cartibeads study: imaging analysis on MRI and results on knee cartilage grafts Sana Boudabbous (PI: Philippe Tscholl, HUG; Jacques Menetrey, HUG)

12h00 Lunch + Posters

14h00 Session 3 Chaired by Olaf Blanke
  • Anatomical and functional correlates of updating components in working memory Emilie Marti (PI: Radek Ptak, HUG)
  • Structural connectomes in epilepsy for functional coupling Emeline Mullier (PI: Serge Vulliémoz, HUG; Patric Hagmann, CHUV)
  • Dopaminergic treatments in Parkinson’s disease lead to hallucinations through enhanced fronto-striatal connectivity Fosco Bernasconi (PI: Olaf Blanke, EPFL)
  • Attention and Emotion in Adolescents with ADHD; a Time-Varying Functional Connectivity Study Halima Rafi (PI: Martin Debbané, UNIGE)

15h20 Tea Break

15h40 Session 4 Chaired by Dimitri Van De Ville 
  • Networks of Fatigue: Investigating (dis)connectivity markers of cognitive and affective scores post-stroke via PLSC Fabienne Windel (PI: Friedhelm Hummel, EPFL)
  • Countervail mild cognitive impairment with music or psychomotor training Damien Marie (PI: Clara James, HES, UNIGE)
  • Learning to regulate subliminal perception in the healthy human brain Lucas Peek (PI: Patrik Vuilleumier, UNIGE)
  • Exploring language and cognition with multimodal imaging in the NCCR Evolving Language: the Aptitude Work Package Alessandra Rampinini (PI: Narly Golestani, UNIGE)

17h00 Closing


15 May 2024


All Day


HUG, Auditorium Marcel-Jenny, Geneva
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