The highly anticipated Breakfast & Science Seminars from the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM) has resumed its monthly seminars. The CIBM Breakfast and Science Seminars aim to unite the scientific community on a regular basis (every last Tuesday of the month) so as to exchange knowledge, to foster research collaborations and to create a vibrant research center of excellence in Biomedical Imaging.

The first Breakfast & Science Seminar of the series was kickstarted by Benedetta Franceschiello, Post-doctoral Fellow, Fondation Asile des Aveugles, Laboratory for Investigative Neurophysiology, UNIL and Department of Radiology RC7, CHUV) with a talk on “DEBI – Diagnostic Eye Brain Imaging”. Followed by Jérôme Yerly, Research Staff Scientist, CIBM MRI CHUV-UNIL Tranlsational MR Imaging Section  and Post-doctoral Fellow CardioVascular Magnetic Resonance research center who presented “Cardiac MR Imaging in One Click”.

With over 30 participants from the CIBM’s five partner institutions, as well as, researchers from Nestlé and Maastricht University, the Breakfast & Science Seminar Series 1 was a huge success. Indeed, not only did the two speakers share information regarding their projects and their research but they also included certain details regarding their collaborators work which applied and completed their own work and data. Additionally, the questions asked by attendees allowed to push the two subjects even further, providing a new concept on what to look out for and possible next steps for their research.

The newly added interactive audience sharing session left the floor open for announcements regarding research groups, job opportunities and future events – such as the CIBM Annual Symposium which will be held on Friday October 30th 2020.

During the networking breakfast, many conversations ensued around diverse biomedical imaging research and allowed CIBM members and attendees to share knowledge regarding their various projects.


CIBM’s 2nd Breakfast & Science Seminar will take place on Tuesday February 25th 2020 in Geneva at Campus Biotech.


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