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Frédéric Grouiller

MRI Operational Manager, Research Staff Scientist
CIBM MRI UNIGE Cognitive and Affective Neuroimaging Section

Frédéric Grouiller received his Master in Engineering’s Degree in Electronics and Computer Science from Institute of Science and Technology (ESEO), Angers France in 2005 following highly intensive courses in Physics. He simultaneously obtained his Master’s research degree in Medical Imaging at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Angers, France. In 2008, he obtained his PhD in Neurosciences conducted under the supervision of Dr. Olivier David at in the “Functional and Metabolic Neuroimaging Laboratory headed by Prof. Christoph Segebarth, Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences, France.

He continued to pursue his post-doc with Prof. Christoph Michel in the “Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory” of at University of Geneva where he developed new non-invasive techniques using EEG and fMRI to locate pre-surgical brain functions in patients with epilepsy or tumors. In 2012, Frédéric joined Prof. François Lazeyras’s team in the CIBM MRI HUG-UNIGE clinical MRI imaging section as Senior research and teaching assistant. In this context, he had the opportunity to pursue work on simultaneous EEG-fMRI in epilepsy at 3T and 7T and to provide his technical and scientific support for clinical and neonatal fMRI.

Frédéric joined the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (CISA) in 2016 where he has been ensuring the operational functioning and the methodological development of the MRI scanner located at the Brain and Behaviour Laboratory at the Medical University Center, University of Geneva. His main research interests are multimodal imaging (e.g. EEG-fMRI) to better characterize the spatio-temporal dynamics of the brain functions, the development of advanced techniques for pre-operative mapping brain and the integration of Virtual Reality with bi-modal neurofeedback to open up new clinical therapy in particular in children with neurological or psychiatric disorders.

Frédéric Grouiller is a research staff scientist and 3T MRI operational manager in the CIBM MRI UNIGE Cognitive and Affective Neuroimaging Section.

Keywords: EEG-fMRI, multimodal imaging, cognitive neuroscience, neurofeedback, virtual reality, clinical neuroscience, functional MRI, real-time data processing