On June 21, 2022, the latest Siemens Healthineers MAGNETOM Terra 7T MRI scanner arrived at Campus Biotech in Geneva through an undertaking between Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva (FCBG), the CIBM Center for Biomedical Imaging and its common founding partner institutions: Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), University of Geneva (UNIGE), and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). This state-of-the-art full body scanner will complement the 7T MRI scanner located at EPFL, which is for head only.

This new-generation ultra-high-field scanner will significantly strengthen the scientific landscape in the region. It is expected that the whole scientific community – researchers, neuroscientists and clinicians will benefit from the new research developed thanks to the new 7T MRI scanner.

In this video, Roberto Martuzzi, MRI facility manager of the Human Neuroscience Platform (HNP), Tobias Kober, director of the Swiss innovation hub of Siemens Healthineers, and Pina Marziliano, director of the CIBM Center for Biomedical Imaging, share how the arrival of the scanner was made possible and how it will benefit the whole community.

CIBM Core members and a local Siemens Healthineers team will be physically located at the Campus Biotech spearheading innovative developments, working in close collaboration with other researchers, neuroscientists and  clinicians to unlock the full potential of ultra-high-field MRI with the support of the HNP team.

About MAGNETOM Terra 7T MRI scanner

The Siemens Healthineers MAGNETOM Terra 7T MRI scanner is a state-of-the-art new-generation ultra-high field system enabling both single-channel clinical mode dedicated to neuro and orthopaedic applications and a research mode capable of unleashing the latest technological breakthroughs. The system is equipped with parallel transmit capabilities, several MR coils dedicated to clinical and research use, and the latest hardware and software developments, such as metabolic imaging, quantitative imaging, and compressed sensing.

More information about the scanner can be found here.


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