AUTHORS: Mackowiak ALC, Roy CW, Yerly J, Di Sopra L, B. L. Falcaõ M, Bacher M, Speier P, Piccini D, Stuber M, Bastiaansen JAM

ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting, : , Online, May 2021


A free-running multi-echo GRE approach was proposed for whole-heart fat quantification. Retrospective extraction of cardiac and respiratory motion states was achieved using integrated Pilot Tone navigation, enabling a free-breathing non-ECG-triggered acquisition.
Following a motion-resolved compressed sensing based image reconstruction of the separate echoes, fat fraction, water fraction, R2* and B0 maps, as well as separated fat and water images, were calculated. Free-running acquisition parameters were optimized in a fat phantom. Volunteer experiments demonstrated the feasibility of motion-resolved free-running fat-fraction mapping technique in a 6-minute scan time.

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