CIBM Electrical Neuroimaging Farewell Symposium

Following the 2nd EEG Microstate Conference at the Campus Biotech Geneva, on July  12, 2024 a farewell symposium dedicated to the illustrious career and scientific contributions of Professor Christoph Michel in the field of Electrical Neuroimaging and founding Head  of the CIBM EEG HUG UNIGE Section

After decades of research, mentorship, and academic leadership, Professor Michel will be retiring from the University. of Geneva.  As we celebrate his retirement from formal academic duties, we eagerly anticipate a new chapter in his research journey.


Session 1 Chaired by Dimitri Van De Ville
  • 13h00 – Inter-species electrophysiological neuromarkers in rare neurodevelopmental disorders
    John Foxe, Rochester, USA
  • 13h20 – EEG/MEG in pediatric population 
    Stefano Seri, Birmingham, UK (virtual presentation)
  • 13h40 – Combining EEG and fMRI for the Study of Spontaneous Human Brain Activity
    Louis Lemieux, London, UK
  • 14h00 – Quantitative EEG Methods
    Pedro Valdes, Havana, Cuba
  • 14h20 – From Micro-States to Macro-Waves: Probing how oscillatory signatures of attention-state shape perception by EEG(MEG)-guided brain stimulation
    Gregor Thut, Glasgow, UK
  • 14h40 – EEG source imaging & connectivity
    Bin He, Pittsburgh, USA (virtual presentation)

15h00 Coffee Break

Session 2 Chaired by Patrik Vuilleumier 
  • 15h20 – State-dependency
    Juliane Britz, Fribourg
  • 15h30 – High-density EEG in animal models
    Charles Quairiaux, Geneva
  • 15h40 – ERP microstates
    Daniel Brandeis, Zurich 
  • 15h50 – EEG microstates
    Thomas König, Bern
  • 16h00 – Functional connectivity
    Serge Vulliémoz, Geneva
  • 16h10 – Functional neurosurgery
    Karl Schaller, Geneva
Farewell Session Chaired by Pina Marziliano
  • 16h20 – Farewell message from the UNIGE Faculty of Medicine Dean
    Antoine Geissbühler
  • 16h30 – Electrical neuroimaging : past, present and future
    Christoph Michel
  • 17h10 – Closing remarks
    Theodor Landis

17h30 Farewell Apéro


12 Jul 2024


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Campus Biotech, Geneva
Room H8-01-D
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