BBL-CIBM-FCBG Research Day 2023

We are delighted to announce the BBL-CIBM-FCBG Research Day 2023 will be held on June 13 in the Auditoire Adolphe Franceschetti,  Centre Médical Universitaire (CMU), University of Geneva.

The CIBM  Center for Biomedical Imaging launched the first annual MRI research day in 2008 with aim of gathering MRI experts from Geneva and the Lemanic region. In 2010, the event included other members of the CIBM community with MRI infrastructure such as  the University of Geneva’s Brain and Behaviour Laboratory (BBL) and in 2018, the  Human Neuroscience Platform at the Foundation Campus Biotech Geneva (FCBG).

The one-day event is an opportunity to review the status of ongoing MRI projects and activities, share experience, difficulties and benefit from a unique exchange platform between physicists, physicians, and neuroscientists.

This year’s event will be concluded with a talk by Prof. Francois Lazeyras, Head of the CIBM MRI HUG UNIGE Clinical MR Imaging Section followed by a pre-retirement celebration gathering.

When registering, please take into account that there are two different tickets, one ticket for attending the talks and posters during the day and another ticket for the farewell gathering. You can choose one or both depending on your attendance.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.



8h30 Arrival and registration

9h00 Session 1 Chaired by Francois Lazeyras
  • Brainstem pons network dynamics associated with self-awareness disorders 6 to 9 month after SARS-CoV-2 infection.
    Alexandre Cionca (PI: Frederic Assal, Julie Péron)
  • Individual signatures of functional connectivity in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases: the uncovering of clinical fingerprinting.
    Sara Stampacchia (PI: Olaf Blanke)
  • Modulation of the activity of deep brain regions and related behaviors via noninvasive transcranial temporal interference stimulation.
    Elena Beanato (PI: Friedhelm Hummel)
  • Identification of neurobiological substrates of psychosis susceptibility in patients with 22q11.2DS using MR imaging.
    Farnaz Delavari (PI: Stephan Eliez, Dimitri Van De Ville)

10h20 Coffee Break

10h40 Session 2 Chaired by Olaf Blanke
  • Reward processing in schizophrenia.
    Mariia Kaliuzhna (PI: Stephan Kaiser)
  • Trimodal EEG-fMRI and dMRI connectomics in epilepsy. Jonathan
    Wirsich (PI: Serge Vulliemoz)
  • Towards quantitative functional brain mapping with Arterial Spin Labelling.
    Gianarita Iannoti (PI: Frederic Grouiller, Karl-Olof Lövblad)
  • Mindfulness in children. The effects of mindfulness for children and adolescents born preterm: from brain changes to changes in everyday life.
    Russia Ha-Vinh Leuchter (PI: Petra Hüppi)

12h00 Lunch + Posters

13h30 Session 3 Chaired by Patrik Vuilleumier
Special guest Prof. Matthias J. Gruber (Cardiff University)
  • How curiosity affects learning and information seeking via the dopaminergic circuit
14h30 Talks
  • T1 and ADC map segmentation of the renal cortex and medulla using AI.
    Ibtisam Aslam (PI: Jean-Paul Vallee)
  • MRI guided focused ultrasound for ground-breaking neuro-surgery and neuro-oncology: Present and future.
    Rares Salomir (PI: Rares Salomir)

15h15 Tea Break

15h30 Session 4 Chaired by Dimitri Van De Ville 
  • Investigating the effects of appraisal manipulation on behaviour, physiology and brain representations using video games.
    Mi Xue Tan (PI: Patrik Vuilleumier, Dimitri Van De Ville)
  • Does the future use matter? Memorized information and representations in memory.
    Prosper A. Fiave (PI: Evie Vergauwe, UNIGE)
  • Neural correlates of approach tendencies toward physical activity and inactivity stimuli: an fMRI study.
    Boris Cheval (PI: David Sander)
  • Investigating the neural correlates of reinforcement learning in narcoleptic and Parkinson’s disease patients.
    Gabriel Hinnen (PI: Sophie Schwartz, Virginie Sterpenich)

16h50 Closing

17h00 Farewell ceremony of Francois Lazeyras
Cocktail reception


13 Jun 2023


9:00 am - 7:30 pm


CMU, University of Geneva
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