The EPFL Workshop on ‘New Horizons in MRI’ took place on Friday, September 24, 2021, with the objective of bringing together experts from across the globe to share the current and future most important research topics in the field of MRI. CIBM supported the workshop through scientific advisory on the programme and through promotion of the event.

MRI is one of the most powerful and versatile modalities for medical imaging. Far beyond the initial expectations, the modality has kept improving steadily both in terms of performance and scope during the past few decades, and shows no sign of slowing down.

To identify the hottest topics and future trends in MRI research, members of EPFL and CIBM community enjoyed a full day of discussion and brainstorming with world-leading experts in the field.

Matthias Stuber, CIBM MRI CHUV-UNIL Section Head, said, “This was truly a stellar event and we got quite some insight into the latest developments and perspectives on MRI. It is perfectly in line with the rich history of Switzerland in Magnetic Resonance which includes two Nobel Prize winners, Kurt Wüthrich and Richard Ernst.”

CIBM Executive Director, Dr Pina Marziliano gave a short introduction on CIBM, its new organisational structure and offered a vision for the future of biomedical imaging in the Lemanic region.

Special thanks to the organisers of the event: Laurène Donati (Executive Director of the EPFL Center for Imaging and her team), Prof. Michael Unser (Director, EPFL Centre for Imaging), Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran (Director, EPFL Institute of Electrical and Micro Engineering, EPFL School of Engineering), and Prof. Henrik Ronnow (Director, EPFL Institute of Physics, School of Basic Sciences).

Thanks also to CIBM MRI Section Heads, Dimitri Van De Ville (EPFL), Matthias Stuber (CHUV-UNIL), and Francois Lazeyras (HUG-UNIGE) for their involvement in connecting with the speakers.



09:00-09:15   Welcoming Words

  • by Prof. Jan Hesthaven, EPFL Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and Prof. Michael Unser, Academic Director of the EPFL Center for Imaging.

09:15-10:00  Turning Technical Advances Into Increased Accessibility

10:00-10:45  Quantitative MRI:  A Fool’s Errand?

10:45-11:15  Coffee Break 

11:15-12:00  Benefits and Challenges of Human Brain Imaging at 9.4Tesla

12:00-13:30  Lunch 

13:30-13:45  Introduction to the CIBM

  • by Dr. Pina Marziliano, Executive Director of the CIBM

13:45-14:30  Scrambling for Speed and Resolution: Acquisition for Neuroimaging at 7T and Above

14:30-15:15  Current and New Horizons in (Pediatric) MRI

15:15-15:45  Coffee Break

15:45-16:30  Towards an Era in Precision MRI

16:30-17:30  Panel Session

  • With all invited speakers.



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