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Pedro M. Gordaliza

Research Staff Scientist
SP CHUV-UNIL Computational Neuroanatomy & Fetal Imaging Section

Pedro Macias Gordaliza obtained his BSc in Telecommunication engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). After graduating in 2010, he worked for four years as a data scientist in the telecommunication industry in Spain and the UK.

In 2014 he started a new position as a research engineer in the UC3M and Gregorio Marañón hospital lab (Laboratorio de Imagen Médica, LIM) to develop image processing algorithms for disease prediction and quantification for several medical imaging modalities (i.e., MRI, US, PET-CT). During this period, in 2018, he obtained his MSc in Advanced Artificial Intelligence from the UNED.

In 2022 Pedro completed his PhD in Biomedical Engineering under Arrate Muñoz Barrutia’s and Juan José Vaquero’s supervision, defending the PhD thesis entitled: “Computer-Aided Assessment of Tuberculosis with Radiological Imaging: From rule-based methods to Deep Learning“. The work proposes several methods to translationally assess the disease in mouse, macaque and human models of Tuberculosis.

Pedro joined the CIBM SP CHUV-UNIL team headed by Meritxell Bach Cuadra as a postdoctoral researcher in October 2022. His research focuses on Domain Adaptation for brain imaging analysis and its links with uncertainty prediction and causal representation learning.


Keywords: Domain Adaptation, Causality, Explainability, Deep Learning, MRI, Brain Imaging, Medical Image Analysis.