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Dunja Simicic

Research Staff Scientist
MRI EPFL Animal Imaging and Technology Section

Dunja Simicic obtained her Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Science in Engineering Physics in 2015 and her Master’s degree in Biophysics at the University of Split, Croatia in 2017. She completed her Master project at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in the Laboratory of Physics of Complex Matter, after which she became an EPFL Physics PhD candidate in the Laboratory of Functional and Metabolic Imaging and CIBM Center for Biomedical Imaging in 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Cudalbu and Prof. Rolf Gruetter. Her thesis research aimed on developing new acquisition and quantification techniques for in vivo proton and phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy and metabolic imaging. Her research also focused on studying chronic hepatic encephalopathy and brain macromolecules.  She defended her PhD thesis in 2022, and continues to pursue her research interests as a CIBM research staff.