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Damien Marie

Research Staff Scientist, Technician
CIBM MRI UNIGE Cognitive and Affective Neuroimaging Section

Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience specialized in MRI conducting research on aging, music, and language. Through my dozen years of research experience in France and Switzerland, i.e. a Ph.D. and 3 post-doctoral fellowships, I used brain MRI over different setups (Philips, Bruker, and Siemens MRI from 3 to 7 Tesla), psychometric testing, and statistics in large data sets to evaluate the 1- neural substrates of language properties in humans and baboons, 2- brain microstructural correlates of dyslexia, and 3- brain and behavioral plasticity associated with music training in healthy older adults (swiss-german collaboration) and mild cognitive impairment patients (collaboration with HUG and CHUV).

Since 2021, I work as MRI technician at the Brain and Behavioral Laboratory facility at the University of Geneva and the Center for Biomedical Imaging, where I perform research imaging with children, adolescents, adults, older adults, and patients.

In parallel, I also work at the GEMMI Lab with Prof. Clara James since 2018 (Haute Ecole de Santé de Genève). Here, we develop, conduct, and manage innovative randomized controlled trials to evaluate whether non-drug interventions, such as music or psychomotricity training, can countervail age-related cognitive decline and brain atrophy, or even delay the development of pathological cognitive deficits pre-existing dementia onset.

  • damien.marie@unige.ch
  • Brain and Behaviour Laboratory - University of Geneva, Rue Michel-Servet 1, 1211 Geneva 4