On December 6th, 2023, the CIBM Center for Biomedical Imaging Annual Symposium brought together members of the biomedical imaging community from Switzerland and beyond to share cutting-edge research developments in the field. The event was held at the AGORA Cancer Research Center in Lausanne.

The symposium kicked off with an insightful presentation by Pina Marziliano, the Executive Director of CIBM. She highlighted the center’s achievements in 2023, setting a tone of innovation and collaboration that resonated throughout the day. Her talk not only showcased CIBM’s advancements but also underscored the importance of interdisciplinary research in pushing the boundaries of biomedical imaging.

The symposium featured a diverse range of presentations, each contributing unique perspectives to the field. In total, the event gathered 16 high-level speakers and 200 registered participants from across Switzerland.

“I enjoyed engaging with your vibrant neuroscience community and wish you all the very best with the new low field scanner - a truly exciting development.”
Sabine Kastner
Professor Princeton University & President CIBM Scientific Advisory Board

A full and stimulating scientific program included presentations and keynote talks on a wide range of biomedical imaging topics and applications. The event also gathered traction on social media. The live coverage of the event generated more than 8,000 impressions of X (former Twitter) and more than 5,000 on the CIBM’s LinkedIn page.

“It's an impressive symposium with a lot of science and a great concentration of scientist.”
Jean-Paul Vallée
HUG Head of Cardiovascular Radiology and CIBM Strategy Committee

The event wasn’t just about presentations. The posters and demos session provided a platform for CIBM Research Staff Scientists, PhD students, and collaborators to showcase their latest findings and innovations. This interactive segment fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas and encouraged networking among participants.

“I'm impressed with the diversity of the topics presented today, and it shows how CIBM is key in a large variety of fields that are going on in the region.”
Jean-Philippe Thiran
Jean-Philippe Thiran
Director of EPFL IEM and Head of CIBM SP CHUV-EPFL

A key highlight of the event was the inauguration of the new Low Field MRI scanner at the CHUV – Lausanne University Hospital. This cutting-edge technology was introduced with much enthusiasm. The scanner represents a leap forward in imaging capabilities, promising to enhance diagnostic precision by leveraging AI and transformative methodology already developed at the CHUV while ensuring sustainability and patient comfort.

“It's a great opportunity to gather people from the industry from different modalities and different backgrounds. It's really inspiring."
Marzia De Lucia
Head of EEG Imaging, LREN, CHUV-UNIL

The CIBM Annual Symposium 2023 was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of progress and a testament to the power of collaborative effort in advancing medical science. CIBM extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors – Nestle HealthScience (Platinum Sponsor), Siemens Healthineers and Flywheel (Gold Sponsors), and NEUROSPEC and NEUROLITE (Silver Sponsors) – whose generous contributions played a pivotal role in the success of this event.




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