Toronto, June 2023

Prof. Petra S. Hüppi, M.D. from the University of Geneva, is awarded the 2023 ISMRM Gold Medal Award – a well-deserved recognition for her exceptional contributions to the field of medical imaging, and as a result of how her groundbreaking research has contributed to a better understanding of early brain development.

The world of medical imaging has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, revolutionising the way we diagnose and treat diseases. Within this field, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) plays a crucial role in promoting new findings and recognising outstanding contributions.

The ISMRM Gold Medal is awarded to influential figures in academic and scientific communities who have made significant contributions to the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and its related disciplines. This esteemed recognition celebrates outstanding accomplishments, scientific innovation, and profound influence in the medical imaging community.

In this regard, the 23rd annual ISMRM meeting saw Prof. Hüppi emerge as a recipient of the 2023 ISMRM Gold Medal Award:

For Seminal contributions to our understanding the brain microstructure of the developing white matter, the cortical folding of the immature brain, in the field of early human brain development, as well as brain deficits in preterm infants and in fetal growth restricted infants”.

Prof. Hüppi’s groundbreaking work has greatly impacted the field of medical imaging, particularly in neonatal brain imaging and early brain development. Her research has shed light on the structural and functional changes that occur in the developing brain and how they relate to neurodevelopmental disorders. Her findings have provided invaluable insights into the early detection and intervention of neurological conditions, leading to improved patient outcomes.

During her acceptance speech, Prof. Hüppi expressed her gratitude to her mentors and colleagues who have played an instrumental role in her journey. Among them, she acknowledged the pivotal role of Prof. Rolf Gruetter, Founding Director of the CIBM Center for Biomedical Imaging. As an expert in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging, Prof. Gruetter served as her guide, imparting invaluable knowledge and shaping her understanding of the intricacies of MR.

Furthermore, Prof. Hüppi expressed appreciation for Prof. Francois Lazeyras, Head of the CIBM MRI HUG UNIGE. Francois has been a long-time partner and a source of support in grants applications. Their collaborative efforts have contributed to breakthrough research and advancements in the field of medical imaging.

Prof. Hüppi’s recognition of her colleagues emphasises the importance of collaboration and teamwork in pushing the boundaries of scientific research. Her achievement serves as an inspiration to researchers and clinicians worldwide, reaffirming the crucial role of medical imaging in advancing healthcare.

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