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Jérôme Yerly

Research Staff Scientist
CH-1011 Lausanne, Switzerland
MRI CHUV-UNIL Translational MR Imaging Section

Jérôme Yerly studied electronic engineering at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Fribourg. After obtaining his bachelor degree in 2004, he moved to Calgary, Canada, to pursue his academic career at the university of Calgary, where he completed both an MSc and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. For his PhD thesis, Jérôme worked in Dr Richard Frayne’s lab, where he investigated modern sparse acquisition strategies coupled with nonlinear reconstruction techniques to accelerate MR neuroimaging of stroke. His research led him to gain extensive experience with compressed sensing and parallel imaging reconstructions for rapid MR imaging. Jérôme is now researching new methods to assess coronary artery disease by imaging the coronary endothelial function. His other research interests include developing advanced nonlinear reconstruction techniques to improve image quality and both the temporal and spatial resolution of cardiac imaging.