AUTHORS: Biasiucci A, Franceschiello B, Murray MM

Current Biology, 29(3): 80-85, February 2019


Electroencephalography (EEG) is the non-invasive measurement of the brain’s electric fields. Electrodes placed on the scalp record voltage potentials resulting from current flow in and around neurons. EEG is nearly a century old: this long history has afforded EEG a rich and diverse spectrum of applications. On the one hand, foundations of EEG in clinical diagnostics have dovetailed more recently into brain-triggered neurorehabilitation treatments. On the other hand, EEG has not only been a workhorse for providing brain correlates of constructs in the field of experimental psychology, but has also been used as a true neuroimaging method with more recent extensions in translational as well as computational neuroscience. The versatility and accessibility of the technique, in combination with advances in signal processing, allow for this ‘old dog’ to still deliver new tricks and innovations.

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