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Sandra Da Costa

Sandra Monney

Research Staff Scientist
MRI EPFL Animal Imaging and Technology Section

Briefly, I graduated from the Life Sciences School in 2010, with a Master in Neurosciences. My Master project used high-resolution fMRI at 7T to investigate emotion perception in the amygdala and was done at the CIBM under the supervision of Dr W. Van der Zwaag (in collaboration with Prof. N. Hadjikhani; Van der Zwaag et al., 2012). During my thesis with Prof. S. Clarke (NPR, CHUV), I used fMRI combined with a phase-encoding paradigm to develop a robust anatomical-functional localizer of the primary auditory cortex irrespective of the subject variability (Da Costa et al., 2011). This localizer was used in several other studies acquired at 7T as a means to define voxels with similar preferences (Da Costa et al., 2013) or primary and non-primary auditory early-stage areas in order to investigate the third auditory stream (Da Costa et al., 2015; Da Costa et al., 2018) or the encoding of emotions and space (Grisendi et al., 2019; Grisendi et al, under revision; Da Costa et al., in preparation). It was also validated in a study comparing data acquired at 3 and 7T (Da Costa et al., 2014), and then used as a clinical application on first-episode stroke patients (in preparation; in collaboration with Prof. S. Clarke and Dr S. Crottaz-Herbette (NPR, CHUV). This showed how easily and efficiently the localizer could be used with clinical populations, opening the door to new sets of studies investigating auditory perception in hearing-impaired populations. Finally, my current projects focus on developing new sequences for fMRI, mainly of the auditory pathway and/or brain networks involved in human auditory perception in healthy and hearing-impaired volunteers. I am also involved in other projects using fMRI related to time perception in collaboration with Prof. D. Bueti (SISSA, Italy) or to pain perception in collaboration with Drs. G. Wuerzner and M. Hendriks-Balk (Nephrology, CHUV). Complete list of published work:

KEYWORDS : fMRI, 7T, auditory perception, hearing impairments