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Chrysa Retsa

Chrysoula Retsa

Research Staff Scientist
EEG CHUV-UNIL Sensory, Perceptual, and Cognitive Neuroscience Section

Chrysoula Retsa has been a Research Staff Scientist in the CIBM EEG CHUV-UNIL Section since January 2018. She completed her MSc in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh and later earned her PhD in Human Cognitive Neurosciences from the University of Edinburgh and Cambridge University in 2012. Her PhD research focused on the psychophysics of interactions between space and time in vision and audition. After working as a research assistant and EEG and TMS lab manager for the psychology department at the University of Edinburgh, she started her postdoctoral research at the LINE lab at CHUV in 2015. At LINE her research involves applying EEG and electrical neuroimaging techniques to investigate sensory processing in healthy populations across development as well as sensory deficits in various patient populations (such as patients with psychosis or preterm-born children in collaboration with SUPEA). Her focus is on identifying ERP biomarkers related to sensory processing differences in various populations.

Keywords: Sensory processing, EEG, electrical neuroimaging, biomarkers, visual, auditory